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The Convergence: Voting for the First Time

How does it feel like voting for the first time as an adult Singaporean? Here’s what the The Convergence discovered from our conversations with several Singaporean youths… Or you can write to The Convergence to let us know what you think!

As Singapore’s next General Election (GE) draws near, a new wave of Singaporean youths aged 21 and above will be eligible to vote for the first time. In GE 2015 alone, an estimated 245,500 Singaporean youth aged 21-25 were able to cast their first votes. The Convergence spoke to 8 youths to find out about their thoughts on being first-time voters. In this conversation, the youths candidly shared their thoughts on socio-political issues that they felt would determine their voting decisions at the polls.

You can read the rest of the article here.

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