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NUSPA 46th MC & NUSSU 42nd Exec Comm Representative Elections: Candidates

Official Announcement by NUSPA Elections Committee: 46th NUSPA Management Committee Elections and 42nd NUSSU Executive Committee Representative Elections

Nomination Period: 24-26th August 2020 Campaigning Period: 27-29th August 2020 Cooling-off Period: 30th August 2020 Elections Day: 31st August 2020

The NUS Students’ Political Association will be holding the elections for the upcoming 46th Management Committee on Monday, 31st August 2020 from 0900 - 1800 hours. Following the conclusion of the nomination of candidates for NUSPA’s 46th Management Committee during the nomination period, the elections committee is pleased to announced that the following candidates have been successfully nominated and will thus be standing for the NUSPA 46th Management Committee elections:

1. Zhou Xizhuang Michael - President 2. Saishwar Thirumagan Sri - Vice President (Engagement) 3. Clement Tan Ching Loong - Vice President (Policy) 4. Jesmine Woon - Honorary General Secretary 5. Dennis Yeo Tu Kai - Honorary Financial Secretary 6. Jeslyn Yeo Kai Xuan - Assistant Secretary for Organisation 7. Abdul Qayyum Bin Taufeeq Affandey - Assistant Secretary for Regulations 8. So Zhi Hui, Aileen - Assistant Secretary for Information 9. S Preethiba - Assistant Secretary Information 10. Lim Wei Heng - Assistant Secretary for Liaison 11. Saashtika Mohan - Assistant Secretary for Liaison 12. Caleb Yee Yew Han - Director of Strategic Support 13. Goh Eu Shawn - Director of Singapore Model Cabinet 14. Ang Kai Jie Kyle - Director of Chancellor's Challenge Shield 15. Nisha Rai D/O Shriperkash Rai - Director of Debate Series 16. Lee Wei Yang - Director of Varsity Voices 17. Christabelle Peng Wan Jun - Kent Ridge Ministerial Forum Director 18. Edward Low Zhen Yu - Top Guns Forums Director 19. Ritu Warathe - Social Policy Forum 20. Kenneth Kwa Jun Xian - Global Asia Forum 21. Tang Jia How Kelvan - NUS Technology and Innovation Forum 22. Hia Jing Hui Audrey - Communications Secretary 23. Gan Shaw Ming - Deputy Communications Secretary 24. Vikram Kasi Kannappan - Creative Director 25. Liaw Yen Yi - Publicity Director 26. Foo Li Shuen Nicole - Editor-in-Chief (The Convergence)

The following candidate has also been nominated and will be running for the 42nd NUSSU Executive Committee Representative Elections.

1. Quek Su Yi

Kindly note that due to the ongoing COVID-19 restrictions and for the safety of all voters, the elections will be held online. No physical voting will be taking place. Only undergraduates who are Singapore Citizens are eligible to vote. Eligible voters who wish to cast their ballots are reminded to take note of the instructions which will be released on Friday via NUSPA’s social media platforms.

Should you have any queries, please feel free to contact us:

Sharmili Pillai (nuspa.vp.engagement@u.nus.edu) Returning Officer | NUSPA Election Committee

Foo Soo Qing (nuspa.gen.sec@u.nus.edu) & Pee Jia Zun (nuspa.dep.gen.sec@u.nus.edu) Election Officers | NUSPA Election Committee

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