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NUSPA 46th MC & NUSSU 42nd Exec Comm Representative Elections: Instructions for voting

Instructions for voting during the NUSPA 46th Management Committee Elections and NUSSU 42nd Executive Committee Representative Elections:

Kindly note that the NUSPA 46th Management Committee Elections will be taking place on Monday 31st August 2020 from 0900-1800 hours. Due to the ongoing COVID-19 restrictions and for the safety of all voters, the elections will be held online. No physical voting taking place. Only NUS undergraduates who are Singapore Citizens are eligible to vote. Eligible voters who wish to cast their ballots are reminded to take note of the following instructions;

1. Go to bit.ly/nuspavote to enter the Zoom meeting, and kindly wait in the holding room to be admitted by the election officer into the meeting

2. Show your NRIC for verification of Singapore citizenship by returning officer

3. Provide your full name and NUSNET ID for verification that you are a current NUS undergraduate

4. Upon verification of both, the link to the NUSync Form for voting will be provided to you in the Zoom meeting

5. Fill in the form on NUSync using your official NUSync account and click ‘submit’ upon completion

As only NUS undergraduate student who are Singapore Citizens are allowed to vote, verification of citizenship is a compulsory requirement when voting. This process will comply strictly with the Personal Data Protection Act (PDPA). As such no image or information of your NRIC will be retained or stored by NUSPA.

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