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Forums & Dialogues

Forums & Dialogues

Kent Ridge Ministerial Forum

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As NUSPA’s flagship event, the Kent Ridge Ministerial Forum (KRMF) provides future leaders from various tertiary institutions and members of academia the rare opportunity to engage in a dialogue with prominent senior political figures in Singapore on pertinent issues facing the nation. Organised with the primary aim of promoting political awareness amongst Singaporean youths and undergraduates, KRMF has established itself as one of the intellectual highlights of the university calendar.

For more information about this forum, please contact the Director of Kent Ridge Ministerial Forum at

Top Guns Forum


The Top Guns Forum aims to promote greater awareness among future leaders on key political and electoral issues that are fast shaping the current political landscape. The forum also seeks to encourage a discussion of different political perspectives towards key political issues by inviting leaders from both the incumbent and opposition parties, Thus, it is the forum’s greatest desire to reduce the distance between political leaders and students and to build understanding and trust in the process.

For more information about this forum, please contact the Director of Top Guns Forum at

NUS Social Policy Forum

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The NUS Social Policy Forum aims to critically engage students and  future leaders with pertinent social issues in Singapore  through discussion with policy-makers and other experts. The forum seeks to discuss the latest social trends and the solutions to address these trends.

For more information about this forum, please contact the Director of the NUSPA Social Policy Division at

NUS Global Asia Forum

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The NUS Global Asia Forum aims to critically engage students and future leaders with regional developments in Asia as well as Singapore’s foreign policy for these developments, through discussion with policy makers and other experts. 

For more information about this forum, please contact the Director of the NUSPA Foreign Policy Division at

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Youth Engagement Events

Youth Engagement

Debate Series

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The NUS Debate Series is an annual debate tournament organised by NUSPA. It is a debate tournament that targets post-secondary/ pre-university students, namely from Junior Colleges, Institute of Technical Education (ITE) institutions, centralised institutes and international schools that cater to post-secondary education programmes. 


The tournament aims to enable these students to be engaged in topics relevant to Singapore, ranging from policymaking to critical issues concerning the nation-state. By exposing students to a myriad of topics ranging from local policymaking to social issues, we hope to provide a platform for youths to analyse socio-political trends and concerns critically and articulate their views eloquently and comfortably.  


For more information about the Debate Series, please contact the Director of NUSPA Debate Series at

Chancellor's Challenge Shield


Chancellor’s Challenge Shield (CCS) is an annual current affairs and general knowledge quiz organised by NUSPA for pre-tertiary education students. This event was inaugurated and formally endorsed in July 1992 by the late Dr. Wee Kim Wee, former President of the Republic of Singapore and then Chancellor of NUS. 


CCS aims to raise the level of current affairs and National Education awareness amongst youths in Singapore; provide a platform for students from all walks of life to exchange views and opinions and to encourage and empower youths to keep up with current affairs and National Education. The event is held primarily in the format of a game show, comprising two quiz rounds, with the winner of the entire competition, winning the Shield for their institution. 


For more information about the Chancellor’s Challenge Shield, please contact the Director of Chancellor’s Challenge Shield at

Singapore Model Cabinet


The Singapore Model Cabinet (SMC) provides a platform for tertiary students the opportunity to engage and understand the constitutional role of the Singapore Cabinet as the executive branch of government. In the course of participating in the SMC, participants will role-play as members of Cabinet and work together as a Cabinet to identify, critically consider and deliberate the trade-offs of policy making, and propose pragmatic solutions to address the given scenario.  


For more information about the Singapore Model Cabinet, please contact the Director of Singapore Model Cabinet at

Varsity Voices


Varsity Voices is a youth-centric, inter-university initiative organised by the NUS Students’ Political Association (NUSPA), NTU Current Affairs Society (NTU CAS) and SMU Apolitical Society (SMU Apol). Since its formation in 2019, Varsity Voices has partnered with REACH, the Singapore Government’s feedback unit, to develop programmes and initiatives that promote meaningful conversations with youths in Singapore. Our annual flagship event, the Varsity Voices Dialogue, aims to provide a platform for students to engage in meaningful discourse on socio-political issues with political office holders, whose participation serves to value-add to and provide real-world perspectives on the issues discussed. Moving forward, it is VV's hope to continue promoting curiosity and critical thinking about Singapore's political landscape amongst youths from all tertiary institutions.

Instagram: @varsityvoices
Facebook: Varsity Voices
LinkedIn: Varsity Voices


NUSPA Special Projects

The Convergence

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The Convergence is a student publication of the NUS Students’ Political Association (NUSPA). The publication aims to provide a common platform that allows for and facilitates the expression of opinions and views by the NUS student community on policy issues pertaining to Singapore. It aims to contribute towards building a more vibrant and constructive political discourse environment in NUS by stimulating intellectual and serious political discussions among students.

Our team of dedicated editors will strive to ensure that no political bias or preference influences the content and thinking of this publication. We, however, demand that articles shall be competently written and well-executed. This, in turn, helps to generate honest and convincing ideas to develop serious thought, encourage responsible discourse, and facilitate rational expression. We also urge writers to develop a keen interest in current affairs and policy issues and, where possible, demonstrate a strong understanding of social, cultural, and religious sensitivities.

Instagram: @nuspatc

Facebook: @nuspatc


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