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NUSPA's 46th Management Committee Nomination

In the spirit of leadership renewal, NUSPA is seeking for prospective candidates for nomination to our 46th Management Committee Strategic Positions. The nominees, if subsequently elected by the student population in elections expected to be held in Aug or Sep 2020, will hold office in AY 20/21 and lead NUSPA's 46th Management Committee. The Strategic Positions available for nomination are:

1) President 2) Vice-President (Policy) 3) Vice-President (Engagement) 4) Honorary General Secretary 5) Honorary Financial Secretary

Nomination will be subjected to an interview. The assessment criteria includes: • Leadership Experiences • Performance in NUSPA, if applicable • Work Experiences • Vision for NUSPA • Other Commitments or Duties in AY 20/21

Only shortlisted applicants will be scheduled for an interview.

Interested applicants are advised to indicate their preferences by 22 May 2020.

The application form can be accessed at: https://bit.ly/NUSPA46MC

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