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NUSPA recruiting sub-committee members!

Updated: Oct 14, 2019

Interested in being part of a highly dynamic organisation and making a difference to the NUS community? ⁣

Ever wanted to engage with an active community of individuals passionate about politics and current affairs?⁣

NUSPA might be just the right organisation for you. We are currently recruiting sub-committee members who wish to be part of the organising committee for the following departments:⁣

1) Top Guns Forum ⁣

2) ASEAN Forum ⁣

3) Foreign Policy Forum ⁣

4) Social Policies Form ⁣

5) Kent Ridge Ministerial Forum ⁣

6) NUSPA Debate Series ⁣

7) Chancellors' Challenge Shield⁣

8) External Relations⁣

9) Singapore Model Cabinet ⁣

10) NUSPA Communications Cell ⁣

11) NUSPA Logistics Cell ⁣

12) NUSPA Camp⁣

Sign up now at https://bit.ly/NUSPARECRUITMENT

*Should you require more information on our events and what we do, please click here.

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