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NUSPA 45th Election Results

Introducing the 45th Management Committee of NUSPA!

NUSPA’s 45th Management Committee Election and 41st Executive Representative Election was conducted on 06 September 2019 from 9am to 6pm. Voting was made available to all current Singaporean NUS undergraduate students.

We are pleased to announce the incoming 45th Management Committee of NUSPA. (Vote margin is denoted in %)

a. President — Muhammad Quraishi Bin Abdol Wahab (75.6%) b. Vice-President (Engagement) — Sharmili Pillai D/O Balan (70.7%) c. Vice-President (Policy) — Zhou XiZhuang Michael (65.9%) d. Honorary General Secretary — Foo Soo Qing (65.9%) e. Honorary Financial Secretary — Ng Ying Yi Jewel (65.9%) f. Deputy General Secretary — Pee Jia Zun (65.9%) g. Deputy Financial Secretary — Dennis Yeo Tu Kai (65.9%) h. External Relations Director — Chua Kee Sein Bryant (68.3%) i. Welfare Director — Lee Jian Xing (68.3%) j. Assets & Logistics Director — Leong Jin Kai (65.9%) k. Communications Director — Lim Yun Hui (65.9%) l. Publications Director (Operations) — Rebecca Metteo (73.2%) m. Publications Director (Administration) — Foo Li Shuen Nicole (65.9%) n. NUSPA Camp Director — Saishwar Thirumagan Sri (65.9%) o. Kent Ridge Ministerial Forum Director — Calissa Man En Qin (70.7%) p. NUSPA Debate Series Director — Royston Long Kun Cheng (70.7%) q. Top Guns Forum Director — Choo Yan Min (68.3%) r. ASEAN Forum Director — Clement Tan Ching Leong (68.3%) s. Social Policies Forum Director — Syamilah Binte Mohamed Razali (78.0%) t. Foreign Policy Forum Director — Poon Wen An Isaac (65.9%) u. Special Projects Director (Singapore Model Cabinet) — Jasmine Chin (70.7%)

The Elections Committee is pleased to announce that the following candidate has been successfully elected as NUSPA Executive Committee Representative in the 41st NUSSU Council.

Alastair Loh Chuan Yao (85.4%)

The results was announced at the AGM on 13th September 2019 in the NUSPA clubroom, from 6.30 to 10.30pm.

Jacqueline Chan Jia Ling Returning Officer NUSPA Election Committee

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