President's Message

Welcome to the official website of the NUS Students’ Political Association.

NUSPA has been consistently blessed by deep and intense support by students from all walks of life in NUS. The impeccable service received from members in ensuring the success of our events, as well as the high turnout rate at our events by various students, have augmented our purpose and relevancy, and this feeds continuously into our strength to give service to the community.

For the academic year 2019/2020, NUSPA’s Management Committee is boasting its 45th iteration. This year, the committee is pushing for growth, both internally and externally, and this will manifest in new configurations for our events and forums. Among others, we will be introducing thematic focus-group discussions that will enable a more calibrated, intimate, and frank discussion to occur for students to participate in. Additionally, we will also be exploring the possibility for a collaborative CIP initiative that hopes to enhance our service to the student community, as well as to the Singaporean society at large. We will also be enhancing our publication arm, The Convergence, to entrench its presence in the NUS student population.


Through these initiatives, we aim to enhance our connection with the student community, increase our collaboration with our partners, as well as tighten the cohesion among our members. By this achievement, we hope that growth can be nurtured for our organisation, as well as for our peers in NUS. We hope that this too is amplified, and cascades into personal growth for everyone involved with NUSPA.


NUSPA will strenuously continue our efforts to increase political awareness and promote active citizenry within the student population, and we will serve our duty with great passion and love for everyone. Thank you for your everlasting support for our efforts, and we hope that you gain relevant insight in your support for us.


We hope that you have a wonderful academic year ahead.


Yours sincerely

Muhammad Quraishi


45th Management Committee

NUS Students’ Political Association

45th Management Committee


Muhammad Quraishi Bin Abdol Wahab

Vice-President (Engagement)

Sharmili Pillai D/O Balan

Vice-President (Policy)

Zhou Xi Zhuang Michael

 Honorary General Secretary 

Foo Soo Qing

Honorary Financial Secretary

Ng Ying Yi Jewel 

Deputy General Secretary

Pee Jia Zun

Deputy Financial Secretary

Dennis Yeo Tu Kai

External Relations Director


Welfare Director

 Lee Jian Xing

Assets & Logistics Director

Leong Jin Kai

Communications Director

Lim Yun Hui

Publications Director (Operations) 

Rebecca Metteo

Publications Director (Administration)

Foo Li Shuen Nicole

NUSPA Camp Director 

Saishwar Thirumagan Sri

Kent Ridge Ministerial Forum Director

Calissa Man En Qin

NUSPA Debate Series Director 

 Royston Long Kun Cheng

Top Guns Forum Director

Choo Yan Min

ASEAN Forum Director

Clement Tan Ching Leong 

Social Policies Forum Director

Syamilah Binte Mohamed Razali

Foreign Policy Forum Director

Poon Wen An Isaac

Special Projects Director (Singapore Model Cabinet) 

Jasmine Chin

Chancellor's Challenge Shield Director

Seah Jaye Young