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The NUSPA symbol encapsulates the essence of the association in its mission to precipitate political appreciation and active citizenry among NUS students.


Integrating modernity with tradition, the symbol portrays modern minimalistic features while paying homage to the logo of the Political Association of yesteryears. This represents the association’s constant recognition of our need to adapt and change to maintain relevant in the modern world, while nonetheless appreciate that our success is only made possible by committed members of the past.


Blue is chosen as it symbolises wisdom and integrity, attributes essential among our members in accomplishing our mission, while remaining neutral and apolitical. Concurrently, the shade of blue is also similar to the corporate colour of NUS, and signifies our commitment to the NUS population.


Red is chosen as it symbolises courage and kinship of humankind. These attributes are also important among our members, as they seek to accomplish their mission without fear or favour, while maintaining respect with the people they interact with. Concurrently, red also signifies the association’s loyalty and affinity with Singapore, and accentuates that the mission of the association ultimately is for the betterment of the country.


Resilience: Charting Singapore's Road Ahead

With the start of the new year, we are excited to launch our thematic campaign - Resilience: Charting Singapore’s Road Ahead. In 2021, we saw many social, political and economic developments changing the very fabric of our society. As such we aim to use this campaign to discuss how we can overcome and adapt to these dynamic challenges.

We are very excited to share the various initiatives happening in the upcoming months. From our conventional projects such as forums and debate tournaments, we plan on diversifying our initiatives to include masterclasses, case competitions and large scale feedback units.

The initiatives in this campaign seek to celebrate the immense resilience Singapore has shown when faced with challenges and focus on unifying diverse voices when charting Singapore’s road ahead.

We thank you for your support for our previous campaign BOS2025. Now we invite you to join us on a new journey in charting Singapore's road ahead. Here at NUSPA we believe that change starts with conversation. Change starts with you.

Watch our full campaign video here!

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