Kent Ridge Ministerial Forum

As NUSPA’s flagship event, the Kent Ridge Ministerial Forum (KRMF) provides students from various tertiary institutions and members of the academia the opportunity to engage in a dialogue with prominent senior political figures in Singapore on pertinent issues facing the nation. Organised with the primary aim of promoting political awareness amongst Singaporean youths and undergraduates, KRMF has established itself as one of the intellectual highlights of the university calendar.

Top Guns Forum

The Top Guns Forum is one of many forums organised by NUSPA. Top Guns Forum aims to promote greater awareness among the NUS student community on key political and electoral issues that are fast shaping the current political landscape. By bringing political leaders and students together, the forum acts as a common space in which meaningful political discussion and engagement take shape.

The forum also seeks to encourage NUS students to adopt a more active posture in political participation through the development of an active voice as well as to bring students’ concerns and ideas to the attention of new local political leaders. Thus, it is the forum’s greatest desire to reduce the distance between political leaders and students and to build understanding and trust in the process.

Social Policies Forum

How does social inequality arise? What is its relationship with Singapore’s brand of meritocracy – is meritocracy a cause or a solution to tackling social inequality? How has the issue of social stratification evolved in Singapore? What can the government and the community do to address these issues? 

The Social Policies Forum aims to help youths gain deeper insights on issues of social inequalities through discussion with policy-makers and other experts.

Forums & Dialogues


The ASEAN Forum, previously known as NUSPA forum, seeks to engage future leaders in meaningful discussions where awareness in regional affairs, especially those regarding ASEAN (Association of Southeast Asian Nations) can be built. It is hoped that through this Forum, participants can have their horizons broadened and convictions formed.

Foreign Policy Forum

The Foreign Policy Forum seeks to promote greater awareness on regional and international affairs. The Forum also aims to cultivate among NUS students a greater understanding of and appreciation for Singapore’s foreign policy and the various challenges that the Republic faces in the past, present and future. And in line with NUSPA’s objectives to facilitate political discourse and encourage students to actively engage in policy matters, the Foreign Policy Forum provides a meaningful platform to enhance foreign policy literacy among Singaporean youths.

Other Projects

NUSPA Debate Series

The NUSPA Debate Series, formerly known as the Policy Studies Debate Series, is an annual debate tournament organised by the NUS Students’ Political Association. This Debate tournament targets pre-university students namely from Junior Colleges, Institute of Technical Education institutions, and International schools that offer post-secondary education programmes. 


The Debate Series seeks to inculcate critical thinkers who recognise the significance of keeping abreast with the local and international current affairs. By exposing them to a myriad of pertinent local and international topics, we hope to provide students with a platform to articulate their views and an opportunity to engage in these issues critically. The Debate Series also provides an invaluable opportunity to foster greater inter-institutional ties between diverse educational institutions.

Chancellor's Challenge Shield

Chancellor’s Challenge Shield (CCS) is an annual current affairs cum general knowledge quiz organized by NUSPA for tertiary students as well as students from IP schools. This event was inaugurated and formally endorsed in July 1992 by the late Dr. Wee Kim Wee, former President of the Republic of Singapore and then Chancellor of NUS. The past editions of CCS were well-received by the participants and invited guests.

CCS aims to raise the level of current affairs and National Education awareness amongst students in Singapore. By involving students from the Polytechnics and Junior Colleges, IP Schools and Institute of Technical Education, CCS aims to provide a platform for students from all walks of life to exchange views and opinions, thereby fostering greater inter-institutional ties between the broad spectrum of educational institutions. Through a series of challenging tasks and interactive forum, CCS seeks to encourage and empower students to keep up with current affairs and National Education in order to understand the importance of being a well-informed member of Singapore and the Global Society.

Singapore Model Cabinet

Singapore Model Cabinet (SMC) is a simulation of the Singapore Cabinet, the executive branch of the government and the highest national decision-making body present in our nation. Similar to Model United Nations conferences, SMC aims to help representatives understand the difficulties of policy-making and learn how to make compromises and negotiate with other parties in order to achieve a mutually beneficial outcome. We hope that participants will gain insights into pertinent local issues and explore innovative ways to address these problems.

The Convergence

The Convergence is NUSPA's current student publication, established in 2018. The Convergence writes and publishes articles and materials related to current affairs and policy issues in Singapore. The publication aims to provide a common platform that allows for and facilitates the expression of opinions and views by the NUS student community on policy issues pertaining to Singapore. It aims to contribute towards building a more vibrant and constructive political discourse environment in NUS by stimulating intellectual and serious political discussions among students.

The Review

The Review was NUSPA’s online publication from 2014 to 2017. It aimed to facilitate student discussion and raise awareness on political affairs. It hosted monthly writing competitions throughout the semester for NUS students to partake in. The topics were issues relevant to Singapore’s politics. Responses could come in the form of a written article, podcast, poster, video or any other creative medium of one’s choice so long as it expresses views aligned to the monthly theme.